7 Cold Email Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

July 28, 2023

Cold email outreach (done right) is a powerful way to fill your sales pipeline. Here are a few stats, tips, and tricks to help you dial in your efforts and get the most out of your emails.

01 – Open rates increase by around 22% when you include the recipient’s name in the subject line

This level of personalization is too easy to skip! It’s a simple shift with a profound effect on open rates.

02 – Personalization in the copy of your email increases the response rate by an average of 10%

You don’t have to do a deep research dive to accomplish this. Custom snippets, like a contact’s first name and company name, are all that’s needed to ensure that your email speaks to each recipient directly.

03 – Following up improves reply rates more than any other factor

What’s more, a study by woodpecker, campaigns with 4-7 emails in the sequence scored 3 times more responses across the board than campaigns with 1-3 emails.

04 – 77% of email opens take place on mobile

We recommend that you keep your subject lines under 50 characters and your whole email under 80 words. Being concise is challenging but pays off big time with readers on mobile.

05 – 69% of recipients report an email as spam because of the subject line.

Avoid sales-y language and overly long subject lines! Your domain health will thank you.

06 – 20% of marketing emails never make it to an inbox.

One in five, my people. This stat hurts…it doesn’t matter how perfect your pitch is if your email gets buried in categories or banished to spam.

07 – The global average open rate was 21.3% in 2020.

Our agency’s average open rate in 2020 was 47%. In 2021, our average was 54%. Who you work with matters!

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