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Dave owns 7 businesses that have generated over ONE BILLION dollars collectively for over 1000 clients, including major brands and Fortune 100 companies like Target, Time magazine, and American Express.

Merging conscious capitalism with an unconventional marketing approach, Dave has rapidly grown his businesses by investing money in people to embody a more holistic approach to entrepreneurship. His passion is guiding others to do the same.

“Dave provides tactically useful information while also tapping into the deep-rooted limiting beliefs we all have. The way he talks helps to eradicate these beliefs, while also providing a practical roadmap to overcome the barriers we face in our journey.."

—Gavin Lira, CEO/Co-Founder, The Empathy Firm

“The way Dave Valentine honors relationships even in this world full of strife says a lot about who he is. And it shows in how he has figured out how to run a company as hands-off and stress-free as possible while still making the world a better place.”

—Mitch Russo, Host, Your First Thousand Clients Podcast

“In one presentation Dave reframed how I think about my business. His guidance on how to craft an outrageous offer empowered me to deliver a better service while eliminating risk from my customer’s purchasing decision.”

—Nathan Butorac, CEO, Better Than A Letter


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