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  • E-Courses with Engaging Exercises and Templates
  • Bi-Weekly 1-hour Group Meetings with Presentations + Q&A
  • Interactive Sales Training with Dave Valentine
  • Access to the Annual ROUNDTABLE DIGITAL SUMMIT
  • Admission to the Annual In-Person INWORK GUILD GATHERING
  • Physical/Digital Copies of All of Dave’s Books

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CEO, Speaker, Business Coach, Strategist

  • Scaled 4 Marketing/PR Agencies to 7 Figures Within a Year.

  • Owns 7 businesses that have generated over ONE BILLION dollars collectively for over 1000 clients, including major brands and Fortune 100 companies like Target, Time magazine, and American Express.

  • Featured on Hundreds of Podcasts and Media like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and TEDx.


3 Ways Corporate Leaders Can Show Courageous Leadership

“In this article, Dave, who describes his Avadel brand as one of the most courageous digital marketing firms out there, shares a lot of his thoughts on courageous leadership and how it can help a company grow at a much faster rate.”

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