This is where you start. These four 1-hour consulting sessions will be specifically tailored to your needs, your goals, and your growth.

BONUS – COVID-19: The Comprehensive Business Guide

Trying to navigate this pandemic as a business owner is like trying to hit a moving target. I’ve put together everything I’ve learned successfully steering 20+ businesses through COVID-19 so you can get real advice that actually works.

The Entrepreneur’s Library includes four of my ebooks covering generational marketing, creative business development, and growing your market share in any economic climate.

Getting to six figures is going to be easier than you think.

Ok, Boomer

Using digital marketing to give your clients what they want – from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, I break down how each generation interacts in the digital space and how you need to adjust your strategy to reach them.

103 BizDev Ideas

It’s not easy to take a concept and turn it into a sustainable business model. It’s even harder to re-strategize for your next level of growth. This book contains 103 business development ideas that I have actually used to catalyze the growth of my agency and the growth of hundreds of brands that I’ve worked with.

Content Marketing is Dead

To date, my agency has worked with over 120 brands to grow their businesses. In this book, I share the insights I’ve discovered along the way, the mistakes I’ve made, and what you can do to fast track your growth.

How To Close Internet Leads

Having the ability to close internet leads is a survival skill in our digital climate. Internet leads are usually served cold, and it takes intention and persistence to close them. In this practical guide, I take you step-by-step through how to turn leads into clients.

The Ad Guides take you through research and experience-backed best practices, technical specs, and ways to optimize digital ads for each major platform.

The Ultimate Facebook & Instagram Ads Guide

As a platform, Facebook can be intimidating because of the intricacy you can achieve in your targeting. In this guide, I break down everything you need to know to create optimized ads that drive real returns.

The Comprehensive Google Ad Guide

So that you can optimize your Google efforts, I’m breaking down Google Display ads, five fool-proof approaches to Google Search ads, my comprehensive specs guide, and everything you need to know about Google Discovery.

The Insider Guide To Epic LinkedIn Ads

If B2B is your game, LinkedIn ads are a tactic you can’t afford to ignore. While the cost per click can be higher than on Facebook, often the quality of your leads is higher. Learn to leverage LinkedIn ads with my best practices proven to boost performance.

Everything You Need To Know About Twitter AdsLeads

Over 500 million tweets go live every day. If you want your promoted tweets to stand out and cut through the noise – they need to be stellar. To help you achieve that, I’m sharing this guide to keep you optimized for maximum conversion.

The Audio Collection includes my 7-step audio course and the entire catalog of Brand Junkies, conversations with business leaders and thought leaders alike on how they’re growing their brands and changing entire industries.

Audio Course – The Secret Tools Marketers Use To Unlock Sales

In this seven-step audio course I break down the marketing secrets you need to accurately position your brand, identify and communicate your unique value proposition.

Full Catalog of Brand Junkies

This is an extensive collection of beautifully-polished interviews with highly successful business owners and executives where they share how they’re growing their brand. Hear from leaders at brands like Bell (formerly Bell Helicopter), Best Maid Pickles, and more.

Why this resource collection?
Because I want your business to grow. Period.

Look, I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve had a start-up. I’ve felt those growing pains getting to a 7-figure company. I want you to move past being an entrepreneur and into being a business owner. Especially in light of the current season and economic crisis, I want to share everything I’ve learned over the last 15 years so that you can expand while everyone else is shrinking. 

Get my ultimate resource collection to completely revolutionize how you approach business development, grow your bottom line, and scale your business – even amid a recession.


Dave Valentine has accounted for over $1 billion in business consulting, development ideas, and trackable revenue over the last 15 years. He’s a brilliant CEO, fearless marketer, strategic business consultant, and a fantastic coach.

Dave has a way of embracing fear and expanding when everyone around him contracting. It’s led to huge gains for his personal brands and for every business he’s worked with.

There is a direct correlation between running a tight ship and being agile in ever-changing waters. Dave can help you identify the areas of your business that hold you back, keep you from scaling, and put you at risk in the current economic climate. Learn about consulting with Dave here.

Working with Dave and his team is like working with the Navy Seals. Everyone has a specialty, but they all work together to accomplish a goal. Every time they encounter a problem they work tirelessly to uncover a solution. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Mike McGuiness

Marketing Client

Working with Dave has skyrocketed career. I’ve gained the skills to take my ideas and make them actionable. I have a trajectory where I used to only have dreams and intentions. I wish I’d found him 10 years ago!

Rachel Haley

Coaching Client